Meet the Kiddos

2020 Miracle Kiddos
  • is a vivacious girl who, despite being diagnosed with Anaplastic Eoendymoma, maintained her postive spirit through surgery and six weeks of proton radiation. Currently cancer free, Liv can most often be found hanging out with friends, cheering on her siblings at their sporting events, or doing cartwheels in the grass.
  • is a cute little girl who loves to dance, bake, and color. Diagnosed with Pre-B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in July 2018, Lexi has endured chemotherapy and several stays in the hospital. She looks forward to ringing the "no more chemo" bell in Fall 2020 and attening dance class as soon as she is able.
  • is a strong and independent 8 year old who was born in Soweto, Africa. Lebo does not let Cerebral Palsy slow him down and, every year, he participates in St. Louis Childrens' Tri My Best Adaptive Triathlon. In addition to his love of sports, Lebo also likes Jeeps and watching House Hunters or cooking shows.
  • is a spunky, resilient, and strong-willed two year old, accurately nicknamed Wonder Willa. Diagnosed with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome when she was only a few days old, Willa does not let her time in the hospital dampen her spirit or her contagious smile.
  • is a happy, silly, active little boy, affectionately called "Super Kev" by his parents. Born 14 weeks premature, Kevin continues to strive for more milestones. He loves reading and is looking forward to starting school soon.
  • is a sweet, outgoing little girl. Diagnosed with a rare chromosomal abnormality, Faith never fails to put a smile on the faces of those she meets. She enjoys spending time with her family, coloring, and giving hugs.
2019 Miracle Kiddos
  • is a cute little girl with big bows and a big personality also happens to have an underdeveloped heart but this doesn’t keep her from capturing the attention of all those she encounters. She loves Ice skating and bows!
  • is an extroverted little kid doesn’t even let his kidney transplant and Jacobsen Syndrome stop him from music, baseball and just being a kid. He really enjoys cheering on the Saint Louis Cardinals
  • is wise beyond her years and lives her life as an advocate for people who share her disability of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, though she is a small girl she has big dreams and won’t let anything stop her from taking on the world.
  • has dreams of becoming a star and believes that her Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is just a small part of what makes her special. This natural born leader loves to dance, listen to music, and make videos.
2018 Miracle Kiddos
  • is a super seven year old that loves the Flash and many other superheros. Noah is a superhero in his own way as he fought off the villian that is his heart condition and Heterotaxy Syndrome.
  • is an extraordinary eleven year old with a passion for sports and though she has a rare form of Cerebral Palsy that keeps her in a wheelchair she doesn’t let that stop her from participating in swimming, basketball and football (she especially loves the New England Patriots and Tom Brady).
  • is a fiercely determined little boy that doesn’t let anything get him down including his Cystic Fibrosis. He loves a good challenge and though his CF is a challenge in itself he is always up to complete a puzzle or play a little game of basketball.
  • is a huge Hamilton fan and, just like Hamilton advocated for causes he believed in, Madison advocates for all those who have Cystic Fibrosis like her. Though she spends at least two months in the hospital a year she doesn’t let that keep her from participating in the things she loves.
Past Miracle Kiddos
  • is sweet and sassy soon to be six year old. She was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, causing some physical limitations. This determined little diva won’t let anything get her down. Evie has surpassed expectations and walks with little assistance she even is in a dance class!
  • is a cute nine year old ready to take on the world. She has a positive attitude that doesn’t let anything get in her way including her kidney disease. She has a passion for reading and giving back and has collected over 450 books for kids at Cardinal Glennon.
  • is a constantly on the go kind of guy who is passionate about video games, giving back, puzzles, pokemon and so much more. Even though Michael has Autism Spectrum Disorder he doesn’t let that keep him from accomplishing amazing things.
  • was born to stand out and she doesn’t let her Lymphoblastic Leukemia keep her from accomplishing just that. She is a talented performer and enjoys singing, dancing and acting. She even has her own group called Peyton’s Posse which she performs with!
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