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Miracle Makers, Team Captains, Emerging Leaders, CORE Team and Executive Board

Miracle Makers

Miracle Makers are the backbone of our organization. Without them and their support nothing would be possible. Miracle Makers are dedicated individuals who participate in our main event as well as other small fundraising events throughout the year. At our main event Miracle Makers dance their hearts out to help raise money for our two local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Miracle Makers not only fundraise during our main event but also in the weeks/months lead up to our event. As a Miracle Maker you will get to meet our Miracle Families and hear their stories. Being a Miracle Maker is about more than fundraising it is about making a difference in our community. By joining our SLUDM family you will get the opportunity to see how small efforts can make a great impact. Sign up to be a Miracle Maker today under the Registration tab and join us to be this generation fighting for the next.

Team Captains/Making a Team

Teams are a part of the foundation for our event. Teams are made up of dedicated Miracle Makers and are led by a Team Captain. Our leading teams going into the main event will compete in the Miracle Cup Competition. This friendly competition is made up of a series of mini-games where various members of the teams will compete to win the coveted Miracle Cup! You can get Miracle Cup points throughout the year by fundraising, recruiting members to be on your team, and by attending various SLUDM events throughout the year!

Want to get your CSO involved with SLUDM? Do you want to sign up with a group of friends? Create a team! Teams are groups of miracle makers who work together to spread awareness, fundraise, and recruit for SLUDM! All team members will be invited to Miracle Moments (opportunities to interact with Miracle Kiddos!) throughout the year and be given a main event t-shirt. Additionally, teams will be paired with an internal SLUDM member who will act as team captain and provide resources and information about SLUDM. Email with a team name or the name of your CSO to have a team created. Once the team is created, the members of your team can sign up under that team name when they register!


CORE Team is a group of dedicated individuals, consisting of Directors and Morale, that comprise the internal members of our organization. The CORE Team works with and under the advisement of the Executive Board Chairs. Check out the Miracle Maker Page for more information on what it means to be a Director or on Morale and a better description of these positions.

Emerging Leaders

Our Emerging Leaders program gives first-year students an opportunity to jump right into a leadership role on campus! Through participating in our EL program, you will gain a deeper understanding of our internal structure and CORE team as well as play an integral role in our Main Event! It is a wonderful way to get involved in SLUDM right off the bat and looks great on any resume!

Executive Board

The Executive Board is split into three different teams and each member of the executive board is selected through an application and interview process and then is placed in a position on a team where the president and the three vice presidents feel that their strenghts will be highlighted. The teams include Advancement, Internal Logistics, and External Communication. For more information about the Executive Board or for any questions please look at our Executive Board page!
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