Fundraising Minimum

You’ve paid your $20 to register- so now what?! Each dancer is required to fundraise a minimum of $50 to come to our main event, but don’t stress! Meeting and exceeding  your $50 goal is much easier than you might think! Reach out to family, friends, professors, and members of the community- you never know who may be willing to help you fundraise for our local CMN Hospitals.

Your Story

Asking for donations is always more effective when you tie it in to a personal story. Explain to people why you choose to “DM”. Maybe you have a friend or family member who was treated at a CMN Hospital, or you want every child to have the opportunity to be a kid and have a healthy childhood. No matter what your reason is, when you tell people your “why”, it can really make a difference when asking for a donation!


We are here to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goal, and we have some great resources to help you do so! Check out the “Tips” and “Letter Writing” tabs under Fundraising on this site to get started with creative ways to fundraise, and a template to write letters. However, you aren’t limited to what you see listed! Think outside of the box, and you can make fundraising fun!