All of the funds raised through Saint Louis University Miracle Network Dance Marathon throughout the year is split directly between two local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals: SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Art Therapy

A portion of our donations go directly to the Art Therapy programs at the hospitals. Art Therapy provides patients with a creative outlet to express themselves, and their feelings through the use of art. This process helps children to cope with their conditions and builds their confidence and peace in the hospital.

Music Therapy

Some donations go to the Music Therapy programs run at these two hospitals.  Music Therapy is an intervention used in a hospital setting that helps to address the unique physical, emotional and social needs of children of all ages. It also provides a unique and creative outlet for patients to be able to express themselves using the magic of music.

PAWS Pet Therapy

Some of the money is also used to help fund PAWS Pet Therapy programs. The use of canine therapy provides children in hospitals with the opportunity to bond with an animal, and provides them with a sense of safety and comfort while in a setting that at times seems quite scary.

Child Life Specialists

Our donations also support funding for Child Life Specialists programs. One of our 2019 Miracle Kiddos, Zoey, has been personally impacted by this program. Child Life Specialists help to inform, comfort and aide patients and families when dealing with a difficult diagnosis. The goal of these specialists is to help make the hospital a fun and engaging environment..   

Footprint Program

The Footprint Program is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for children who are facing the reality of living with a complex medical illness. This program aims to provide comfort, support and advocacy in order to help families thrive in a difficult circumstances. One of our 2019 Miracle Kiddos, Blake and his Family have had personal experience with the benefits of this program.

Adaptive Sports Programs

Our funding also helps support Adaptive Sports Programs. Two of our most recent Miracle Kiddos Natalie and Tilly have both reaped the benefits of participating in these programs. Tilly participates in the Tri My Best Adaptive Triathlon. This and many other programs encourage physical fitness and allows children the opportunity to participate in activities that may have otherwise been restricted to them. It also offers children the opportunity to socialize with other children with similar abilities..

Pediatric Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Suite

Contributions may also be used to support the Pediatric Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Suite. This suite allows doctors to quickly diagnose and treat heart problems. This suite also decreases the the time under anesthesia, length of hospital stay and recovery time. This suite has helped our Miracle Kiddo Lilly and her family overcome some challenges related to her condition.

Healthy Kids Express

A portion of our funds also support the Healthy Kids Express. This program is able to connect people to low cost healthcare and provides families with the opportunity to get the care for their kids, regardless of their ability to pay. They help provide care to over 20,000 kids of all ages every year and visits many different areas of St. Louis to provide care.