Miracle Families and Kiddos represent the true heart of our mission, though sometimes it is easy to let their past experience cloud our interactions with them. At our events where our Miracle Families are present it is important to remember that they are more than just their diagnosis or a picture worthy moment to post on social media.

When interacting with our Miracle Kiddos it is beneficial and much appreciated if you get down their level so you can have a more meaningful interaction. Our Miracle Kiddos aren’t all little kids and it is important to treat them in an age appropriate manner. Understand that our Kiddos are so much more than their diagnosis or their past treatments at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. They are normal, fun-loving kiddos who just want to talk about their interests whether that’s Barbies, bows, games or puzzles it is important to talk to them about more than their time in the hospital. When interacting with Miracle Families remember to read the situation and respect their privacy. You will be hearing about their experience with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals during their Miracle Story and that their Family Story is more than their Miracle Story.