Administrative Team

President: Caitlin Kelley

Contact me about anything
not pertaining to one of the
positions below, or if you are looking for information regarding Alumni Relations, connecting to another internal member, DM program or Children’s Miracle Network.

I DM because I believe that every kid deserves a childhood full of birthdays, adventures, memories and of course, miracles.

Advancement Team

Vice President: Karissa Skibinski

Contact me for any additional questions regarding partnership, finance or fundraising.

I DM because I know the incredible support that CMN Hospitals provide to the kiddos and families they serve.
Partnership Chair: Maryfaye Keen

Contact me with any questions regarding individual, small business, foundational or corporate donations for SLUDM. Contact me for any questions regarding food, catering or other sponsorship related donations

I DM because I am passionate about giving each and every child the chance to live their best life and to truly just be a kid. I want to be a part of such a powerful movement that has the opportunity to affect so many people and truly make some miracles happen
Finance Chair: Claire Hamilton

Contact me regarding any questions about donations you have received, personal fundraising tracking, Donor Drive and any other questions regarding financial matters

I DM for all of the HOPE we provide and to help others celebrate the miracle of childhood.
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Katie Vaeth and Maddie Wempe

Contact us regarding any questions pertaining to personal fundraising, kick starting your fundraising, fundraising events, and fundraising activity summaries. Feel free to contact us regarding anything related to Canning or Dancer Canning as well.

Katie: I DM because I was fortunate enough to spend the majority of my childhood in the pool, while many of the kiddos at CMN Hospitals spend the majority of their childhoods’ in the hospital. I DM so that their time at the hospital is as normal, happy and comfortable as possible.

Maddie: I DM to help give kiddos and their families a better chance at life, to raise awareness for ALL kiddos, whether they are in or out of the hospital.  
Community Outreach Chair: Renate Muller

Contact me regarding partnering with DM for small fundraisers in your workplace, profit share partnerships, promotional materials and Miracle Jeans Day.

I DM so families can focus on providing the best childhood for their kids.

Operations Team

Vice President: Andrew Wagner

Contact me if you have any questions regarding the logistics, safety, environment, or schedule of any of the events hosted or associated with SLUDM.

I DM because I have been lucky enough to see the firsthand the effect CMN can have on children. I DM because I believe I have the ability to help contribute to this cause and I feel as though I have a responsibility to do so
Event Management Chair: Kaitlyn Vogel

Contact me regarding anything pertaining to the Main Event, our 12 hour DM, that occurs in November. I work specifically with audio/visual companies and plan out the layout, structure and decorations for the Main Event.

I DM to allow kids to just be kids and to contribute to providing them and their families with hope.
Entertainment Chair: Maggie Conroy

Contact me with questions regarding performance groups, satellite rooms, theme hours, and anything that occurs on stage during our Main Event.

I DM so that every child has access to the healthcare they need regardless of their ability to pay. I DM for more birthdays, more smiles and more laughter.
Special Events Chair: Caroline Doyle

Contact me with any questions regarding our FTKolor Run, FTKids on the Block and any other events that SLUDM puts on throughout the year.

I DM because I believe that every kid deserves the opportunity to have a happy and healthy childhood.
High School Programming Chair: Elizabeth Ainsworth

Contact me for any questions or information regarding any of our current High School Programs, questions or details regarding sponsoring our High School programs or information about starting a new High School Program

I DM for all the kiddos I have gotten to know the past two summers at my local CMN Hospitals. Those kiddos showed me the effects of the programs we help fund. I DM for the laughter and smiles that light up our world today and during all of our tomorrows.

Membership Team

Vice President: Maddie Cavanaugh

Contact me for any questions regarding getting involved in Dance Marathon

I DM for all of the kiddos and their families that don’t have the opportunity to live a normal childhood. I DM so that every child sees the light of tomorrow.
Morale Chair: Nick Bernard

Contact me with any questions regarding Morale performances, Morale guest appearances in a video or photo promotion, or questions regarding the Morale Dance at the Main Event. Also feel free to contact me to share any ideas about ice-breakers or team-bonding opportunities

I DM because I believe that united young people can do anything!
Family and Hospital Relations Chair: McKenna Golota

Contact me with any questions regarding the mission of SLUDM, the miracle families and kiddos, miracle family events or our two CMN Hospitals.

I DM because I was treated at a CMN Hospital when I was 15. I DM because I want the kiddos in the hospital to be able to have a normal childhood, enroll in college and participate in their own DMs by being One Generation Fighting for the Next
Dancer Relations: Brittany Risko

Contact me with any questions regarding team captain meetings, the Emerging Leaders program, what to bring to the Main Event, what it means to be a Miracle Maker as well as any feedback you wish to share regarding our organization, our events, or any other information you want us to know.

I DM because this is a movement that fuels futures, creates miracles and supports dreams. I a part of One Generation Fighting for the Next so that the next generation of kids can do the same.

Marketing Team

Vice President: Gaby Lawson

Contact me with any questions regarding any inter-position related questions in the Marketing Team: Graphic Design, Recruitment, and Public Relations

I DM because I believe the gift of childhood is truly something to be cherished and protected through DM we are able to provide these kiddos with a small sense of normalcy during some of the scariest times
Recruitment Chair: Olivia Speer

Contact me with any questions regarding registering for our events, our miracle cup, tabling and information you need prior to signing up.

I DM to give kiddos the chance to celebrate the magic of childhood and to look forward to the tomorrows to come.
Graphic Design Chair: Olivia Hanford

Contact me with questions regarding SLUDM apparel and merchandise, graphics, photos, and advertising.

I DM because I believe in the magic of childhood! I believe that no childhood should ever be spent in the hospital.
Public Relations Chair: Ellie Messerschmidt

Contact me with any questions regarding our social media pages, website, newsletters, blogs or promotions.

I DM for a million reasons, kiddos, stories, tomorrows, smiles and miracles that CMN Hospitals provide to kiddos and their families. I DM for to chance to be a part of something so much bigger and more impactful than myself.