CORE Team is a group of dedicated individuals, consisting of Directors and Morale, that comprise the internal members of our organization. The CORE Team works with and under the advisement of the Executive Board Chairs.


Directors are assigned to an Executive Board member and assist them with jobs for more information on specific Director positions read the descriptions below

  • Directors of Entertainment: work under the Entertainment chair on brainstorming and planning all theme hours and satellite rooms as well as collaborating with on and off campus performers for the main event.
  • Directors of Event Management: work under the Event Management Chair on event services outreach and planning with vendors as well as brainstorming other potential activities and vendors for the event. The day of the event they will work with and direct all vendors to help ensure that things run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Directors of High School Programming: will work under the High School Programming Chair when communicating with high school students, and faculty as well as fellow directors. They will help provide a creative, fun and mission based events for our high school partners.
  • Directors of Special Events: work under the Special Events Chair on brainstorming, planning and executing various SLUDM events throughout the year.
  • Directors of Community Outreach: work under the Community Outreach Chair and help reaching out to the Faculty and Staff, and greater Saint Louis Community in order to build relationships with various groups in the on and off campus communities.
  • Directors of Fundraising: work under the Fundraising Chairs on planning brainstorming and executing various fundraising events throughout the year. They also work on helping to motivate dancers to continue their fundraising efforts throughout the year.
  • Directors of Finance: work under the Finance Chair and are responsible for helping to count and organize all money collected from individuals as well as fundraising events.
  • Directors of Partnership: work under the Partnership Chair will help contact and manage small and large sponsors for various SLUDM events as well as the main event for monetary, raffle, and food donations. Directors will also work to help maintain positive relationships with all of our sponsors.
  • Directors of Creativity: these directors will work under the Morale Chair and will assist the chair in choreographing and teaching the Morale dance as well as working on ways to keep people engaged in the SLUDM community.
  • Directors of Dancer Relations: work under the Dancer Relations Chair on strategies for Miracle Makers retention and appreciation, they help create a plan on how to keep Miracle Makers informed and engaged.
  • Directors of Family and Hospital Relations: work with the Family and Hospital Relations Chair to develop strategies for making and maintaining the mission as an integral part of the SLUDM community as well as working to plan Family events and hospital tours.
  • Directors of Graphic Design: work under the Graphic Design Chair and assist in creating and designing flyers, cover photos, videos, apparel, buttons and handbills.
  • Directors of Recruitment: work under the Recruitment Chair and will assist in developing recruitment strategies to help engage Miracle Makers and other groups on campus. The Recruitment directors will also help with keeping track of Miracle Cup points.
  • Directors of Public Relations: will work under the Public Relations Chair they will assist in managing the all social media accounts as well as writing blogs, newsletters and maintaining the website.


Morale is an energetic and enthusiastic group of individuals, whose main purpose is to increase and maintain the enthusiasm and spirits of all participants before and during the Main Event. They also play a critical role in keeping with the mission and values of this organization. Morale is responsible for creating, teaching and performing an 8 minute dance and they work under the direction of the Directors of Creativity and the Morale Chair.