Nervous about fundraising and meeting your goal? Let us help!

Here are some more Fundraising Quick Tips

  • Regularly post your fundraising link on social media
  • Have your parents post your fundraising link
  • Make personalized items and sell them for donations
  • Send handwritten letters with return envelopes
  • Collect spare change and donate it right before the event
  • Take old clothes to Plato’s closet and donate your earnings
  • Buy candy bars in bulk from somewhere like Sam’s club and sell them
  • Run for donations
  • Shave your head/dye your hair when you raise a certain amount of money
  • Mow lawns/rake leaves for donations
  • Babysit and donate some/all of your earnings
  • Have a yard sale during Fall Break and donate the proceeds
  • Sell baked goods
  • Host a benefit dinner and charge people to attend
  • Send emails and call people to follow up on their donation
  • Host a car wash for donations
  • Be a designated driver for donations
  • Can in your classes (first be sure it is okay with your professors)
  • Put a bucket outside of your work for donations
  • Contact old teachers and professors
  • Make personalized items and sell them for donations
  • Dress crazy in public if you reach a certain amount raised
  • Dog sit for donations
  • Tutor younger students for donations
  • Share your story and you why to show your passion

There are many ways to reach your fundraising goal, if you need any more help feel free to email Karissa and Gwen, our fundraising chairs, at