Significance of Standing


12 hours, 720 minutes, or 43,200 seconds is the length of our main event in November. It is the difference in today and tomorrow for countless families. For each of the 720 minutes we stand, 62 kids will enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This means that in those twelve hours 44,640 kiddos will be admitted to the hospital. Consequently, 44,640 families are affected by a CMN Hospital in the course of our event. Many people may ask themselves why we stand for those 12 hours. We stand for the kids who are being admitted, for those who have been treated and for those who have lost their lives. We stand for the families that refuse to leave their child’s bedside even when the scene can be overwhelming and exhausting. We stand for the nurses, doctors, surgeons and hospital personnel that don’t sit during their shifts. We stand in hope for a future where the 62 kids that enter a CMN Hospital every minute becomes 60, 55, 50 and so on. We stand for the idea of a tomorrow, a new generation and childhood. We stand because we support all those who have ever been affected by a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and for all of the people who will be affected by one in the future. We stand for today and in hope for a brighter tomorrow.