Morale Captains


What is a Morale Captain?

  • A Morale Captain will be assigned to work with a number of teams.

  • A Morale Captain is responsible for getting his/her assigned teams excited about the event.

  • A Morale Captain will help teams set and reach their fundraising goals by informing them of upcoming fundraising events and through continued encouragement.

  • Morale Captains will create, learn, and teach the Morale Dance.

  • The main responsibility of a Morale Captain is to excite and encourage SLUDM dancers and families throughout the night of the event.

Be sure to check out the Morale Dance from 2012, HERE!

SLUDM 2013 Morale Captains:

  • Alexandra Ferguson
  • Alexandra Gaston
  • Anne Cameron
  • Annelise Feder
  • Bridget Misdom
  • Catherine Zaegel
  • Chloe Kilian
  • Carli Mungovan
  • Corinne Havey
  • Dustin Paluch
  • Emily Drenovski
  • Elya Farias-Herschelman
  • Emma Dwyer
  • Ellie Stueckeroth
  • Fadi Assaf
  • Jackie Bova
  • Johnny Rowell
  • Julia Mumm
  • Kathryn Lundgren
  • Kaylee Breitenbucher
  • Kerry Murphy
  • Kevin Fitzsimmons
  • Laura Silverstein
  • Margaret Rivelli
  • Michelle Miller
  • Meera Shah
  • Shannon Otto
  • Sarah Sikora
  • Tim McCoy

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